Los Angeles

    “Art is a step from what is obvious and well-known toward what is arcane and concealed.”  Kahlil Gibran

    These compositions suggest forms that are present and forms that are absent, layers that hide and reveal. Out of disorder comes order. Out of darkness comes light, out of time to present, and from ignorance to enlightenment. Embracing the shift from despair to hope, and searching for the healing lessons of our physical and mental states of well being and infirmity.

    My paintings depict turmoil and peace, a contradiction created by the brush strokes and acrid colors. The destruction (by man and weather) of nature as well as its regeneration, always managing to recover, is what inspires me. The peace I experience in nature is a comfort.  I do the work in my studio and not outdoors.  Although I love being in the wilderness, I work from my emotion, memory and from my impulse. There is in my current work a sense of calm along with chaos, a sense of hope as well as despair.

    There are some who believe that the making art is “relaxing” for the mind and body. The real truth is that making paintings or sculptures can be stressful when you are under deadlines to produce for a commission or a show, or just to take a chance and change the work altogether.  Of course it is impossible to eliminate stress from anyone’s life, however, when diagnosed with MS my Doctor advised that I keep stress levels under control. My personality has always been high wired and energetic, therefore it became necessary to practice Meditation to calm my relentless drive to create. Turning to Meditation has caused a change in my attitude, and given me the power to trust taking chances and the process of creation. The work has always changed over the years and Meditation and stress control has influenced my work tremendously. Sometimes the paintings become what they need to be right away, others I need to live with and see them another day and are re-imagined, and therefore totally different, others just modified. I am happy with the work when worlds within worlds appear, when I create surprises, when I have no idea where the forms and images came from. They just happen.