Santa Monica and Santa Barbara

    These graffiti type drawings with beaded details were created initially for an exhibition in Santa Barbara called EDGE. My adult son, Noah Erenberg, and I collaborated on each piece. He created the drawings and colorful shapes and I added the beaded details around each shape so as to create the “edge”. They were very well received in the initial exhibition. After the exhibition was over, I studied the works and came to the conclusion that there was a much deeper meaning to these works than I had realized when we created them. Noah is challenged with autism and also is a very talented visual artist. I have acted as his art agent for many years, promoting his art, as he cannot do this for himself. Obviously I have always been very protective of Noah and of his art and looking at these drawings I now know that unconsciously¬†I created a safe zone around his images with my beads. This collaboration became much more profound to me when I understood what I had done without conscious intent…The mother as protector in a very primal visual way.