Vienna/Los Angeles

    Born Vienna 1920
    Los Angeles 1939 – 2011

    Dave Fox was an artist, a Holocaust refugee survivor, a soldier in the US Army, and a graphic arts engineer.  In his personal life, Dave was a loving husband, a engaged father, a cancer survivor and the caregiver for his wife during the 9 years she suffered from Dementia/Alzheimer.

    For Dave, art was the continuous thread in the fiber of his life.  Dave Fox created sketches of everything he saw and observed in life: in school journals, when serving in the US Army, at family gatherings, on hiking trips, at his wife’s bedside. Interestingly, when in the US Army, Dave drew images of soldiers and civilians on the streets. Those very faces from the 1940s reappeared in his last suite of drawings, completed just weeks before he died; a satirical look at the people and experiences in a Jewish home for the aged in which he lived.

    Painting, drawing, and printmaking expressed his personal journey, his opinions, his emotions.  When no words could describe the Holocaust, Dave created a series of prints that express the impact this horror had had on him, his family and faith.  When Dave found himself in two other battles for his life (with cancer), he again created new artwork.

    In 1998, Dave discovered a new cloud of darkness descending on him and his family.  His beloved wife, Senta experienced awkward behaviors and lapses, signs of Dementia/Alzheimer.   Each morning, whether Senta lived at home or in a dementia care community, till her death in 2009, Dave sketched, planned and produced artwork.  Many pieces were copies of early works, detailed abstracts or just random compositions.  Other pieces reflect his fondest memories of Senta including portraits, California landscapes and an abstract Table series, interpreting her beautiful table settings. His artwork kept him going.

    Included in this exhibition are works that reflect his Holocaust experiences, created 40 years after leaving Vienna, and a selection of the “Table” series, painted in 2003 and 2007. In the fall of 2009 Dave and his family returned to Vienna for a solo exhibition of his work -The Artwork Of Dave Fox: From Augarten to LA. Dave Fox passed away at age 90, a grateful man.