Vision of Wholeness: A Spiritual Response To Autism. Principles, Practices and Parables That Transform Lives

Cantor Steve Puzarne

Sponsor: Vision of Wholeness and Temple Judea

Date: Sunday, April 26, 2015

Time: 3:30 pm — 6:00 pm

Place: Temple Judea

5429 Lindley Ave., Tarzana, CA, 91356

Vision of Wholeness is a holistic, relationship based response to Autism. We provide a spiritually rooted alternative to the overwhelmingly clinical interventions most children with Autism diagnoses receive. Our approach draws from a wide array of spiritual principles, but is largely anchored in Jewish teachings, and primarily serves the Jewish Community. Several such principles include: Know before whom you stand. This reflects the time and patience needed to discern a child’s true essence, strengths, interests and yearnings. These are present in all children, regardless of developmental challenge.

There will be a screening of the award winning Vision of Wholeness Documentary, as well as a PowerPoint Presentation of the 20 Spiritual Principles. Prior and pursuant to both, there will be time for contemplation, reflection and discussion.

Prevailing modalities are designed to efficiently identify, quantify and modify shortcomings, too often failing to detect and nurture the innate capacities most essential for the child’s long term quality of life. A candle for one becomes a light for a hundred. From the Hasidic tradition, this reflects a core Jewish belief in the value and uniqueness of every human life. Prevailing modalities tend to focus on empirical data gathered from the many. Judaism focuses on what is needed to transform the life of each one. This is also a reflection of the teaching from Genesis 1:28, that all human beings, (developmental challenges not withstanding), are created in the image of the divine. The end of the deed lives in the initial thought that creates it. From the Kabbalat Shabbat Prayer L’cha Dodi.

Vision of Wholeness considers the special needs Bar and Bat Mitzvah experience to be an extended transformative process for child and family alike, rather than a onetime event. That initial thought dictates different choices, and produces different results. Parents who’ve been part of this profound process will be on hand to discuss their experience, and their children will share music and liturgy that were part of their service.

The Vision of Wholeness spiritual principles have worked equally well for children and adults who face developmental challenges other than Autism, and can provide a basic therapeutic framework for an array of spiritual, emotional and physical problems. While the target demographic will be Jewish families dealing with Autism Diagnoses, the workshop will be open to people of all backgrounds and capabilities.

Contact: Cantor Steven Puzarne | [email protected]