Carol Es



Art is everything to me, but primarily it is a personal redemption – a methodical, visionary activity I use to distract myself and bury memories of abuse, disassociation, and disability. I also use it to connect to my Jewish ancestry, to my community, and to the universe. And sometimes it is a struggle and a risk too, kind of like walking on the edges of tall buildings.

Carol Es is a self-taught visionary artist, writer, and musician who was born and raised in Los Angeles County. Her artistic nature was formed early, drawing cartoons beneath tables in bowling alleys. She attended school infrequently, instead working as a pattern cutter in the apparel industry with her family. Her art is fueled by childhood, personal narratives, Judaism, and creating a spiritual resolve. Through an amalgamation of oil paint, paper garment patterns, and embroidery thread, candid experiences are laid bare and forged directly into the work – interweaving a mysterious and primitive, yet childlike flavor.


Active Member Jewish Artists Initiative (JAI)


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